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On the Trail of the Far Fur Country

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Directed by: Kevin Nikkel

Producers: Kevin Nikkel & Chris Nikkel

Writers: Chris Nikkel & Kevin Nikkel

Editor: Kevin Nikkel

Original Music: Nathan Reimer

Narrator: Kevin Nikkel

Voice of Harold Wyckoff: Jon Ted Wynne

Graphics & Web Site: Patrick Neufeld

Graphic Design: Doowah Design

Sound Mix & Master: Kevin Gillen

Colour & Tinting: Tony Wytinck

Archival Motion Picture Footage courtesy of

Hudson’s Bay Company Archives / Archives of Manitoba

Made with the generous support of

canada council for the arts Manitoba Arts Council Manitoba Film and Music Winnipeg arts council Five Door Films


Five Door Films, Inc.
410 Lipton Street, Winnipeg, MB R3G 2H1